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Default Texts

Splide allows you to modify all texts used in the slider. It's better to translate them into your language for the sake of accessibility.

Here is the list of default texts:

prevPrevious slide
nextNext slide
firstGo to first slide
lastGo to last slide
slideXGo to slide %s
pageXGo to page %s
playStart autoplay
pausePause autoplay

Splide will replace the %s placeholder with a slide index or a page index.

Modifying Texts

To change the default texts, pass an object to the i18n option, and Splide merges them into the default collection:

new Splide( '#splide', {
i18n: {
prev: 'Previous slide',
next: 'Next slide',
} );

If you have multiple sliders, you can use Splide.defaults property to set these text at once:

Splide.defaults = {
i18n: {
prev: 'Previous slide',
next: 'Next slide',

However, it's better to use more content-based texts for accessibility. For example, when viewing a list of articles, "Move to next article" is more appropriate than "Move to next slide".